[SUPER HOT SHARE] The Ultimate Jim Rohn Library Download

The Ultimate Jim Rohn Library Download

Get Ready to Listen to An Unforgettable Collection of Audio Wisdom!

The Nightingale-Conant Corporation is proud to present The Ultimate Jim Rohn Library—a collection of priceless wisdom preserved in sound by one of the greatest personal development speakers and philosophers in history Jim Rohn.

In this unforgettable collection of audio wisdom, you’ll hear selections from some of Jim Rohn’s bestselling audio programs—from the early 1980s all the way through the mid-2000s. You’ll hear him at his most dynamic, speaking from the platform in several live seminars. And you’ll also hear him at his most compelling and even his most reflective, in several different studio recordings.

Whether the messages are live or in studio, quiet and reflective, or passionate and compelling, when you are through listening to this classic collection, you’ll understand why legendary speaker and co-founder of Nightingale-Conant, Earl Nightingale, called Jim Rohn, “the most powerful, results-oriented leader and speaker of our time.”

In The Ultimate Jim Rohn Library, you will learn the following:

Volume One: A Philosophy of Personal Responsibility
Volume Two: The Magic of Personal Development
Volume Three: Discipline: Jim’s Key to Achieving and Sustaining Your Success
Volume Four: The Great Character Virtues
Volume Five: The Ingredients for Dramatic Life Change
Volume Six: Goal-Setting and Goal Achievement
Volume Seven: Strategies for Financial Independence
Volume Eight: Lifestyle: Ideas on Learning to Live Well
Volume Nine: The Art and Skill of Leadership
Volume Ten: Jim Rohn’s Famous “Short Lists” to Success and Happiness
So, sit back and take a front-row seat, as Nightingale-Conant is proud to present The Ultimate Jim Rohn Library.

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