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Strategies for Using Storytelling in Your Marketing

Cut your learning curve and eliminate confusion of making money in the writing market.

Avoid scams and bad advice. Unfortunately, there are plenty of people that would take advantage of writers looking to earn a living. We’ll show you how to steer clear.

Save time searching through endless job listings and sites. We’ll show you how to find the best jobs and ignore the rest.

Quit worrying about where your next job is coming from. We’ll show you to gain a steady stream of work and repeat clients.

Stop dealing with unreasonable client demands and stop being taken advantage of by unscrupulous publishers. You’ll learn how to market yourself so that business comes to you.

Become an authority in your market so that you can command higher rates. All it takes is a little marketing savvy and we’ve got you covered on that.

Learn to charge what you’re worth and create the writing career you want. Avoid the trap of being an underpaid writer that so many face.

Create passive streams of income…write once, get paid forever. Working for clients helps you pay the bills, but we’ve got even bigger plans for you.

Tap into decades worth of proven writing experience and expertise. Our team is ready to guide you, so learn from and avoid their mistakes and emulate their success.

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