[SUPER HOT SHARE] SEO Agency Mafia: Roadmap to success making $3K P/M from selling SEO Download

SEO Agency Mafia: Roadmap to success making $3K P/M from selling SEO Download

About the guide

My guide is essentially your “roadmap to success”. This isn’t going to be the typical things you would hear from agencies, but it works really well. It is a proven system and works over and over again and consistently guarantees landing SEO clients. The way we do this is different and unique and with that comes little to no competition.

What is in the guide?

Below are the segments in the guide where we explain everything from A-Z. Here’s a sneak peak.

Step by step guide to set up your agency and your website

This step is important to set up and may be time consuming, but for legal reasons, it must be done properly. It will also differ country to country, state to state, so you will need to check with your local laws to set this up properly. I’ll show a quick guide on how to set it up in the UK/USA based on how I did it.

We’ll also show you how to set up an agency site that looks appealing and is made to convert into cold hard cash! All in all, this little section will teach you how to:
Set up an agency
Set up your website
Set up the right payment processor
Method of generating monthly retainer clients

Many people like to go by the old cold calling route for generating sales, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, from experience, I’ve noticed there are other ways to start generating clients, which doesn’t involve having to try and cold call 100 people per day. This method has a higher conversion rate for my agency, thanks to the way I have designed the template to get higher success. I have attached the templates with this product so you can easily use it to start this method.

Another method we use is one of the most modern ways to generate clients. For obvious reasons, we won’t reveal it here but when you read this method, everything will click in your head and you’ll be able to effortlessly generate clients using this secret method.

Method of reselling website hosting

Once your agency is up and running, you do not want to stick to only one or two sources of income. Majority of agency owners become content with their 3 clients paying $2,000 P/M on a retainer fee. What they don’t take into consideration is that the clients can disappear at any time, leaving the agency going from $6,000 per month to $2,000 per month. As an agency, you want to diverse your earnings portfolio so that all of your eggs are in different baskets. This method teaches you how to use your agency brand to generate easy hosting sales with very little work.

Renting out your SEO sites

If you are new to the world of rank and rent, prepare to have your mind blown. This particular system is practically rent money. Imagine owning houses and renting them out to tenants, except you don’t rent houses but websites instead. If you have a website which is ranking on page 1 on Google, you can rent out your website to people who are interested in it for a fixed price every month.

Black hat AdSense method

In this quick tutorial, I’ll reveal my little $1,000 per month income stream which I use with AdSense which requires zero investment past the initial domain and hosting cost. All you require is a domain, host, and a website to start generating $1,000 per month in earnings. This method is a little grey hat/black hat because of the way it is laid out but the profits are there for the taking!

So then there you have it guys you now have all the information you need, what you do with it is down to you but if you are smart you will utilize every damn tool and really start making a lot of money.

Now then guys if all of the amazing value of this product hasn’t already got you jumping out of your seats like a jack in the box, then maybe having your phone constantly buzzing with huge PayPal notifications like this and having a huge rapidly growing client base with consistent regular payments payments will have you screaming for more.

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