[GET] Paul Coleman – Niches Download

Paul Coleman – Niches Download

A Silly 9-page Book is Making a Killing on Amazon
Even Bad Reviews Can’t Stop It
You all know I love Short Content

I love Amazon Short Reads

I love Micro-Content


Because a person can start with nothing…

And begin making money very quickly

No writing experience needed

No investment required

And Short Content means you will finish the project

Launch it

And get paid

I’ve seen people try to write a 300-page book

But they run out of steam

Life gets in the way

They never finish the book

That NEVER happens with Micro-Content

With extremely short content…

You WILL finish the project

Upload it

And get your royalties rolling

Let’s take a look at some very short content

How about a 9-page book?

Yes, just NINE pages

Here you go:

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