[SUPER HOT SHARE] Mel Martin – Swipe Files Download

Mel Martin – Swipe Files Download


“For Copywriters Who Are Almost (But Not Yet) Satisfied With Their Skill — And Can’t Figure Out What Their Doing Wrong”

Marty Edelston, Founder of Boardroom Books had a secret weapon which enabled him to create a 100 million dollar a year publishing empire.


This secret weapon was so critical to Boardroom’s success that Edelston feared, if anyone found out about him they would literally steal him away from Boardroom.


Consequently, to this day, few direct response marketers or copywriters — even those who claim to be in the know — are aware of this phenomenal copywriter…


Learn The Secret To Writing Lethal Bullets That Show No Mercy In Automatically Sucking More Money Into Your Bank Account Literally OVERNIGHT…


Through the extensive research conducted by the Copywriting Institute of America we have uncovered the secrets archives of one Mel Martin.


Who is Mel Martin?


Back to our story…


When Marty Edelston had the germ of an idea for Boardroom Books he got a hold of the best copywriter he knew of, Gene Schwartz.  Gene helped Marty devise a marketing campaign to put Boardroom on the map.


However after Gene Schwartz helped Edelston lay the foundation for Boardroom, he needed a copywriter of the caliber of Schwartz that could be his hired gun to help him build Boardroom, one campaign at a time.  Schwartz recommended Mel Martin.


Right from the start, when Martin came on board, he began churning out copywriting fascination after copywriting fascination which turned Boardroom into a $100 million a year operation.


Edelston gave strict orders to everyone involved with Boardroom Books that Mel Martin and everything about him was to be kept top secret. Martin was so critical to Boardroom’s success that Edelston fear he’d be snatched up by another company.


Before Mel Martin wrote a line of copy for Boardroom he had been quietly building his name and reputation by pioneering a new, advanced and far more lethal brand of bullet he called a “fascination.”


If you have ever spent any time studying copywriting bullets you’ve probably found that, in most cases, they have little or no impact. The audience will glance over them and then return to whatever they were doing before they were so “rudely” interrupted, totally unfazed.


However in the hands of Mel Martin bullets became a lethal weapon used to subdue and totally annihilate the target with rapid fire benefits the likes of which had never been seen before in copywriting.


And nobody knows about this guy? Come on!


Let me put it this way…If you were looking for a particular product and Mel Martin wrote the copy for it…you were like putty in his hands.  His copy would be riddled with bullets, each and everyone designed to peek your interest more and more driving you deeper and deeper into the copy. In a word…you’d be toast.




When These Ads Were First Discovered It Was Obvious That They Were Literally Worth A Fortune…


Copywriting Mastery of This Caliber is EXTREMELY Hard to Come By…




The original plan was to include them in the MOTHERLODE Package but then they were held back…

However now for the first time ever The Copywriting Institute of America is making available the Confidential and Secret archives of Mel Martin.


In The Genius of Mel Martin Collection you’ll receive:


The Quadrangle Collection

o       “The Chef’s Secret Cookbook” Ad


o       The “Practical Golf” Ad


o       “The Bicyclists Guide To Manhattan” Ad




The Boardroom Books Collection

o       “The Book of Insider Information” Ads


o       “Bottom Line Personal” Ads


o       The “I-Power Ads”


That’s Right You Get 11 Full Page

Million Dollar Ads

in BOTH .JPG and .PDF Formats


But That’s Not All…


In Addition to the Ads You Will Also Receive A Very Detailed 27 Page Analysis of the Work of Mel Martin.  This Insightful White Paper Goes Deep Inside The Mind of Mel Martin’s Genius and Uncovers Subtle Nuances to His Copywriting Style.

Maxwell Sackheim PDF

A Secret, Unauthorized Look at The Copywriting Genius of Mel Martin

11 VERY SCARCE Mel Martin ADs in PDF Maxwell Sackheim JPG

11 VERY SCARCE Mel Martin ADs in JPG

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