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Media SEO Optimizer Download

What Can You Do With Media SEO Optimizer?

Are you a designer, blogger, eCommerce shop owner? Do you have an online presence? Research shows that a 60 second delay in page load causes 16% reduction in end-user satisfaction.

Optimize images to ensure your site sends as little image data as possible. Since images make up a large portion of the average per-page payload on the web, image optimization represents a uniquely large opportunity to boost performance.


Developer Blog, Google

Images takes up around 60% of average page load time. That’s huge! We make sure, your images and videos load faster while making them actually SEO friendly.

SEO Friendly Image and Video URLs

Bulk rename files by your seo keyword/s to make sure the URL of your images and videos are SEO friendly


Intelligent Reduction In Size

Bulk compress media files(JPG, PNG, MP4, WEBM) without any loss in visual quality


Search Engines Understand Better

Bulk SEO Optimize Images and Videos with keyword/s, attracting more love from search engines


Location Based SEO Is Now Child’s Play

Bulk Local SEO Optimize with geo-location making images tagged with any location you want on earth


Unlimited Optimizations

Tired of playing around with cloud tools that offer a free plan for a certain limit and charge for further set limits? Media SEO Optimizer is a Windows desktop application that has no limits on size or usage quota. In fact we never send or store your images or videos on our servers. Everything happens on your computer.

I didn’t get the time to work on it much to make it better. I thought rather than sitting useless on my computer, it might help at least some of you who does media compression on a daily basis.





After download, install the software on a drive in which windows isn’t installed like an E drive or something which doesn’t require permission issues.


The help menu is available inside the software.


Steps to use:

1. Choose the source directory. This folder should contain some images(JPG or PNG) or videos(MP4 or WEBM) that you want to optimize.

2. Choose the destination directory. You can create an empty folder prior to choosing this folder. This is where the final optimized files will be.

3. [Optional] For SEO purposes, Enter at least the title if you want.

4. [Optional] Choose from the renaming options to rename the files based on title or keyword.

5. Choose “Images Only” option under the “Enable Media Compression” to compress images. This is an ideal option for media companies like yours.

6. Click “Start Optimization”.


The process will take some time depending on the size and number of files.


Minimum System Requirements: Windows 8, 2 GB RAM, 500 MB Free Disk Space


NOTE: If your antivirus shouts out some virus, kindly ignore that as I developed this tool and I have no interest in such things. If you feel it is uncomfortable, please don’t install it.


NOTE: If you are into youtube, compress your mp4 to webm using this tool and upload, I truly believe this will boost your SEO and your videos will load faster. I’m pretty sure no gurus are talking about this(or they don’t know)


If anyone thinks that this tool is good or has bugs feel free to post here. If there is any interest in the tool, I will make it better.

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