[SUPER HOT SHARE] Lawrence Bernstein – Million Dollar Harddrive – Old Is Gold – Download

Lawrence Bernstein – Million Dollar Harddrive – Old Is Gold – Download

You get what you pay for…

Sometimes you get much more. That’s the promise of direct response, isn’t it?

Because direct response is all about achieving what outsiders consider the impossible.

Whether it’s building a company in record time compared to conventional businesses… achieving tax exemption for the second time — after losing it… or devising a brand that can’t be knocked off by competitors.

You’ve likely read and written your share of sales letter closes.

The copywriter uses a typical value build, usually with references to products and services with defined prices, ranging from a cup of Starbucks to an Ivy League education.

But that’s tough to do here.

That’s because there’s never been anything like the Million Dollar Hard Drive.

The price is $100,100 — the cost of a 1/3-page color, Mon-Thurs insertion in USA Today.

Now, let me explain why $100,100 is the deal of the young century.

Take just a fraction of the Million Dollar Hard Drive, the Financial MegaBase. I could tell you it cost over a million to acquire these swipes… through trading, product purchase and subscriptions. I could tell you I’ve got the wash sale record, as well as stacks of bankers boxes filled with newsletters (that I’ll never read) to back up that claim. But at the end of the day, none of that matters if you have a house stuffed floor to ceiling with paper-and-ink swipes you can never use.

Moreover, as rate cards go, even a full page in USA Today at $199,000 hardly raises an eyebrow compared with $576,500 for Better Homes and Gardens… and $784,900 in Parade.

Take just a portion of the know-how in Players In Print… use a mere fraction of the ads in just one folder of the Million Dollar Hard Drive… and they’re worth many multiples the 1/3 page rate card in USA Today.

Now… combine the lightning speed of the Million Dollar Hard Drive — the biggest money making “search engine”of winning direct response advertising — with the greatest collection of response boosters and the arsenal of persuasion in “Players In Print” and you’re in a class by yourself.

Claim your package today.

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