[SUPER HOT SHARE] Joey Xoto – Fade To Black Download

Joey Xoto – Fade To Black Download

Over 40 Videos, PDF Transcripts For Everything, And ‘Imprinting’ Worksheets Build Into the Most Comprehensive Video Course The World Has Ever Seen
But don’t take that on trust. Have a look at what’s inside…

The Building Blocks
All good skills are built on a solid foundation. This module gives you the grounding you’ll need to reach the highest level.

Where you are now and where you need to be: everything it takes to get a fine-grained understanding of how to create high-quality videos for marketers.
How the building blocks all fit together to create a profitable skill-set that’ll last you a lifetime.
The 30 Million Dollar Video Anatomy Class
A great video starts with a great script… but this isn’t (just) about copywriting. For truly GREAT video, you need to understand how the whole thing fits together… and this module lays it all out and gives you a framework you can use to make your own masterpieces.

How to build an Avatar that speaks directly to you audience, have them feeling like you know them better than they know themselves, and desperate to do what you ask!
Use the 8-step FTB Method to create a winning script that’ll hook in your viewers for the entire ride, right up until you ask them to buy.
Create a KILLER hook using the infamous 3-6 second rule, and watch your video exceed all expectations.
Got nothing interesting to say? Doesn’t matter. With the ‘4P’ method you’ll be able to create a compelling story from thin air.
Ever found an offer that was so tempting you laid awake at night, unable to sleep until you hit the button? You’ll discover how to craft one.
The 5 Horsemen: some people manage to create incredible-looking videos that still bomb. And it’s because they did one (or more) of these five things.
Create videos ready to dominate YouTube with the YouTube Engagement Formula and let the world’s largest video search engine become your personal playground.
The Simple Art Of Video
Why can some people create beautiful shots off-the-cuff with a smartphone, when others can’t manage it even with the best equipment? It’s because they understand video as an ART. And with this module, even a finger-painter can turn into Vincent Van Gogh.

The secret trick to framing the perfect shot. This is incredibly simple, always works, and when you know it you’ll never take a bad shot again.
How to create the classic creamy bokeh (ever seen those gorgeous blurred backgrounds that make the foreground come to life? Yeah, that)
How to switch focus fast for a super-dynamic intro sequence
What do they tell you on day 1 of video school? Always use a tripod. Yeah, no. Use a tripod when it’s RIGHT to use one – you’ll see when they help, and when they’ll wreck your whole shot
Why you should NEVER touch the zoom button… and what you should do instead (your shots will get ten times better overnight)
ISO, frame rate, shutter speed, aperture, waveforms… we’ll demystify your whole camera. You’ll know exactly what every button does, when to use it, and when to leave it the hell alone.
Lights, Camera, Action
A complete no-holds barred guide to planning and shooting video. Usually, this module alone would be the entire course. For you, it’s just one piece.

Discover the 10 elements of a great video… including the one that everyone always forgets
How to choose the RIGHT type of video for the job (because if you get this wrong, that’s a lot of wasted effort…)
Ever been jealous of the guys who can just walk out on camera and rock out a script without it taking 37 takes? You’ll see how you can do it too… a lot faster than you expect
Plan your shoot like a professional, save your sanity with a 5-stage workflow, and conquer all shooting conditions before you ever remove your lens cap.
Never again spend time recording only to find out the lighting sucks in post-production. Follow this tried-and-tested guide and you’ll be ready for any conditions.
What takes half a second but can save you hours in editing? A simple clap, and you’ll discover how to use it.
The ABC rule for shooting incredible B-Roll (when you know this, you’ll never look at a carrot the same way again)
My personal video setup: you don’t need to use the same equipment I do. But if you want to know what my favourite toys are right now, I’ll give you the list.
How to work with the talent: especially when you’re doing videos for clients, you’re going to need to work with their actors and staff. You’ll discover how to explain your setup and what you need so everything runs smooth as butter.
Editing Like A King
Did you know between 1981 to 2013, every Best Picture winner had also been nominated for the Film Editing Oscar? That’s because editing is the kingmaker, and this module is your masterclass.

How to choose an editor for any budget (Hint: I give my preferred choice, it’s a world class editor, that’s also LOW cost and I’ll show you how to use it throughout this module, but what I say here also applies to 99% of editors.)
Discover the 7-Step editing flow. that can help you turn any scene into a masterpiece… even if your filming went wrong
Transform raw video into pixel perfect footage ready to WOW any audience lucky enough to press play (with a selection of tutorials that cover Mastering Music, Buttery B-Roll, Awesome Animations and Classic Colour Theory to name just a few!)
Plus, grow fat with power using Xoto’s Advanced Editing Tricks! Seeing is believing with these high-level (some say crazy) editing tricks that’ve made my videos the most successful, most talked about and most copied videos online.
Optimize. Publish. Convert.
Now you’ve got an incredible video, you need to make sure it looks as good on the internet as it does to you. This final module covers how to make sure your video will turn all the right heads.

Protect your hard work by using these proven techniques to optimize and export your videos… so they can be played back and watch as intended, with no cropping, pillar or post-boxing, or jumpy, choppy playback.
Uncover the 3 BEST platforms to publish on, learn when to use each one, then get your videos live so they can start earning, converting, and entertaining the masses!
The ultimate guide to attention grabbing thumbnails will make sure it’s your video that gets watched, shared, and bought from.
3 Video Conversion Hacks to make you’re boosting your conversions from the minute you hit publish.
And That’s Not Even All
This is the biggest, most comprehensive, most value-packed video course that’s ever been created.

Nothing else even comes close… and certainly not for the kind of offer you’ll find here.

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