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Funnel Copier – $799 -> FREE Download

Here is another tool,a chrome extension.

I still remember people discussing a lot about the new tool that could clone clickfunnel funnels easily.

I don’t remember what the name of the tool was. Anyways they changed the name to GotCloned:

The price of the tool is approx $799!!

So here is my $799 worth creation called Funnel Copier.

It has been sitting idle in my computer for a long time now. I hope atleast some of you might find it interesting.


Extract the zip and then follow the below guide.

NOTE: I no longer maintain this tool. If you feel that this might help you please post some feedback here. If you plan on selling this, then let me know as we can work out something.

NOTE: I haven’t used it in 2020, so I am not sure if all the features are still working.

Here is how to use it:

1. Click copy when you are on a competitor funnel page. Remember it should be a cluckfunnels page.

2. The page will be in copied by the extension. Now, you go to your clickfunnels editor, and on that page, click Paste. The funnel will appear there.

3. Click save in extension to save the funnel.

In step no 1, you can optionally export the funnel.

When in editor, just click import and choose the funnel to import. It will load and save the funnel automatically.

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