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Email Traffic Profits – LAUNCHING 1st JANUARY 2021 Free Download


Here’s What You Get When You Purchase Today:
Email Traffic Profits Training
This course provides training, tools and resources where you will learn how to start your own profitable and scalable email traffic business whilst building your brand and authority.

Tools and Resources
Get access to a selection of related tools and resources that can help you within your email traffic business. Some of these are provided by us, and some are ones that are recommend.

Ongoing Support and Updates
As a member you can contact me personally about any support you need related to this course and membership. Plus you will get any future updates at no extra cost to you.

Reseller Partner Program
If this course provides value and you want to recommend it to others then you will have the opportunity to partner with us and receive a generous 100% commissions.

What Training Is Included In This Course

Module 1: Introduction To Solo Ad Arbitrage
Email traffic is also known by many as “Solo Ads”. In this training I will explain the Solo Ad arbitrage method, where basically you can start your email traffic business by reselling other peoples traffic and decide if you would like to scale your business after using this method.


Module 2: Find Traffic Providers On Facebook
In order to resell other peoples traffic you need to know where to source. One of the main platforms to utilize is facebook. In this training I go through in detail the good and bad of sourcing on this platform, where to source and the stages to go through in order to make sure your source of traffic is genuine and to avoid being scammed.



Module 3: Find Traffic Providers On Main Platforms
Another great source of email traffic is to go to the more established platforms who have been in the game for many years. The main objective of these platforms is to make sure the traffic is genuine and clean. Due to this they have different systems in place and you will also be able to connect with established traffic vendors who also sell away from these platforms. In this training you will learn how to use these platforms to your advantage and find suppliers for your traffic business.


Module 4: Create Your Own Traffic Service Website
In order to brand yourself, build authority and ultimately make more sales it is important to have your own independant traffic service website. In this training I talk about the benefits of having your own site aswell as giving examples of the kind of sites I’ve used over the years.


Module 4: Receiving and Sending Payments
A big part of your traffic business is going to involve receiving and sending paymenst both from your customers and to your suppliers. In this training I give some examples of some popular services that are used to enable this within the email traffic industry and share some useful tips.


Module 6: Traffic Quality Explained
In order to build your traffic business, brand and authority you need to be providing a quality service. Like any business you are going to get the good, bad and the ugly and it is about having an awareness of this. In this training I go into detail about the different levels of traffic quality and how certain traffic providers will build their lists.


Module 7: Invest In Quality Tracking Software
As a traffic seller one of the main tools you are going to need to use is a tracking software. This will enable you to monitor the traffic that is being sent to your customers and to provide them with a report after the traffic has been delivered. Now as a reseller this is not essential as you can use the tracking link of your traffic provider. However saying that it is better so you can track accuaracy on your side, plus if you decide to scale your traffic business as taught in the training then you will have to use your own tracking software.


Module 8: Where To Advertise Your Traffic Service
In order to sell traffic you will need to advertise your business. In this training different avenues such as social media, established platforms and your own indpendant website are covered.



Module 9: Social Media For Branding You and Your Business
In order to drive more traffic and make more sales within your traffic business you can utilise social media in order to build your brand and authority for you and your business. In this training I go into more detail, show examples of branding from different traffic providers and share some free tools you can use to help with your marketing.



Module 10: Scale Your Email Business To New Levels
In this training I cover on how you can scale up your email traffic business in order to make even more profits. As in all the training these are methods that I have personally used, aswell as other people in order to generate even more profits within email marketing as a whole.



Module 11: Start Your Own Affiliate Program
Having your own affiliate program is an important part to implement within any online business. This is no different when it comes to driving more traffic to your email traffic business. In this training I go through in more detail on what an affilaite program is and how you can set up your own affiliate program. I also give examples and also share with you some where you can get some free tools that will help you get started.



Module 12: Provide Your Own Traffic Reseller Service
In this training I cover on how you can scale up your email traffic business by becoming a traffic resellers traffic source and provider. This along with the other areas of scaling your email traffic business you will learn in this course will again increase your overall profits and keep your business growing.



Module 13: Always Gain Knowledge and Educate Yourself
It is always important to keep growing your knowledge within the traffic business. There are some different terminologys and things you will need to know in order to come accross as a professional to your customers. This training goes through this in more detail and I give examples of some of the common things that are good to know when engaging with and supporting your customers. As time goes on your knowledge will grow and alot of these areas will become second nature. You will also learn a simple solution to use if you become stuck on a certain question from one of your customers, this particularly applies if you are reselling someone elses traffic and have minimal knowledge.



Module 14: Lead Capture and Bridge Page Examples
In this training I give examples of diferent lead capture and bridge pages aswell as the differences between direct linking versus capturing leads and using a bridge page. You will learn about the impact it can have on your branding and results. I decided to add this training as part of this course as this will help you get an understanding of a good funnel and advice that you can give your traffic customers when wanting to run a traffic campaign with you.



Module 15: Scale Your Business and Become a Coach
Once you have gained experience and seen results within your email traffic business then you can actually share this with other people who would like to start their own email traffic business. Now ofcourse this is going to be using your time and resources and therefore you can charge a coaching fee for this service. This training goes into more detail on how this along with the other areas of scaling your business can have a positive impact on your overall business and profits.


Learn Implement See Results and Teach
After many years of creating products that teach people how to generate revenue online using the methods that I have already tested I decided to stick to teaching the methods that I personally have had the best success with. The models I teach are pure evergreen models that you can use day by day, month by month and year by year.

This means you don’t have to go round in circles and learn every model under the sun. You can learn what works and stick with it. The beauty of the email traffic reseller business model I share is that it is not overally difficult to set up, due to the fact you don’t even have to own the traffic your selling to get started.

Now I am not going to say all you need to do is simply market either, at the end of the day to market products and services takes time, energy and money. However I also share with you very cost effective and free methods to market your business.

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