[SUPER HOT SHARE] Ed Reay – The Facebook Compliance Code Download

Ed Reay – The Facebook Compliance Code Download

The Proven Framework To Scale Offers To 100… 400… Even 1,000 Sales A Day On Facebook… Without Worrying About Getting Pounded By Facebook’s Dreaded BAN HAMMER

PLUS how you or your in-house copywriters can create high-converting Facebook compliant copy lightning fast

And as time goes on more and more clients demand Facebook compliant copy because it simply makes their business better.


More qualified customers
Lower churn rates
Higher quality customers who want to do the work
Higher initial upsell rate
Higher LTV
Higher success rate
More referrals and testimonials
More ascension to backend products and services
New revenue for your business / increased income stream by being able to consistently and sustainably advertise on Facebook
Helpful for FTC/FDA regulated industries like supplements, because Facebook compliance gets you damn close to where you wanna be
You’ll Also Be Able To Outlast Your Competitors Because The Money Isn’t In Scaling Up Overnight On Facebook

We’ve got 4 whole weeks to cover (plus a few extra delicious bonuses you’re going to love getting your hands on).

So let’s get to what we’re going to cover in each week of the course:

Week 1 – What Facebook Wants & How To Create Facebook Compliant Offers From Scratch

In this week we’ll cover:

– What Facebook actually WANTS so you can adjust your marketing message and THINK Facebook compliantly

– How to create a Facebook compliant offer from scratch (or adjust an existing one to be more Facebook compliant).

– The sneaky but easy way to name your products to be Facebook compliant… AND sexy.

– Where to find out what products you should and shouldn’t advertise on Facebook.

– What everybody ought to know about the word “you.” Can you say it? Can you not? Here’s how to find out when you can and can’t say the word “you” on Facebook

Week 2 – Messaging (How To Think Compliantly)

This is where the biggest issue lies.

Most people screw this one up without knowing it.


Because good copywriters have a hard time writing Facebook-Friendly copy.

So think of it this way: When Facebook shuts down your copy it means your copy was too good for them to handle.


So this week we’ll cover how to cool down your copy and get it Facebook compliant.

Week 3 – Funnel Design

Even if your offer and copy are super squeaky clean… just because you’re missing elements from your footer or header, or your page isn’t set up properly your ads could be getting disapproved.

So we’re gonna go over how to handle exactly that.

Week 4 – High-Conversion Compliant Copy Masterclass

“Facebook compliant copy has to be boring!”

I roll my eyes anytime someone says this.

You DON’T have to write boring copy.

The copy you write can be incredibly interesting.

But only if you do it right.

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