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Craig Ballantyne – Social Story Selling System Download
Story Selling
Will Change Your Life
Mark this day in your calendar…
Because today is the day EVERYTHING in your life changes for good.
The amount of money you make, the vacations you take, the house you live in, and the car your drive will never be the same.
Like my client Zander who generated $42,000 in sales in one month, or my client Wayne who bought his dream house after learning how to use Social Story Selling.
And I’ll show you some examples of this in a second.
But first I want you to realize that today is the day you discover how to turn wasted time into BIG MONEY in just 90 seconds per day with your Instagram account.
Make no mistake — you will remember this day for the rest of your life…
You’re going to see how you can turn your Instagram account into a cash machine.
How you can get rich by playing by Instagram’s rules and never have to worry about getting your account shut down or banned.
Social Story Selling is like an ATM for honest people. It’s completely changed my life and my business and I know it will do the same for you.
Let me prove it to you in this quick story about my client, Wayne.

Everything Changed When I Showed
A Struggling Personal Trainer
My Instagram Secret
Wayne’s life is probably similar to yours.
He’s hard-working. He’s great at what he does. His clients and team members love him.
But in the past, as you know, just being a good person didn’t guarantee financial success.
He had tons of bills from his own business and from supporting a growing family— a family that included a beautiful 2-year old daughter that he wanted to spoil.
As you can imagine, Wayne was working all the time and sacrificing everything.
Many nights he found himself working through dinner and getting home late. His wife was upset, their marriage was strained, and his daughter was already asleep when he walked in the door.
Wayne hated this feeling. But he was struggling to make ends meet, so he had no choice. He had to do everything he could to keep the lights on… and if that meant working ridiculous hours, that’s what he would do.
Then one day, everything changed for Wayne when he stumbled upon my Instagram stories.
I say stumbled upon, but in reality, there was more to it than that.
You see, Wayne got sucked into my world because of my Social Story Selling Formula. It’s a little method I use to grow my following by thousands of people each month without trying to use hacks or gimmicks.
Once Wayne was in my world, he quickly realized that no one else was doing what I was doing.
He started hearing about all of the other “average” people just like him who were using my social media “spells” to get more clients and make more money, all without sacrificing their personal lives.
So Wayne decided to track me down.
The truth is, he didn’t have much of a choice anymore…
Unless Wayne wanted to keep working all hours of the night and never see his family something needed to change.
When we finally met in my penthouse suite overlooking the city of Toronto, he begged to know exactly how he could use my secret to grow his business.
At first I was reluctant. I get DMs every day from people asking for my secrets, but few people do anything with them.
But Wayne was persistent and wanted to show me he was committed to success so he put up $5,000 to promise me he would follow through.
We sat down for six hours in my penthouse and I revealed every one of my secrets for turning Instagram into a money making machine in 90 seconds or less per day.
You’ve never seen a man so excited.
So he rushed home and told his wife…
And she was furious.
In her eyes, he’d just wasted one of his few days off with a complete stranger when he could have been with his family. On top of that, he spent $5,000!
Wayne knew that he only had one option; to make it work. There wasn’t a ‘Plan B.’ Not anymore.
So at 5am the next day, Wayne used the Social Story Selling Formula for the first time.
He followed my step-by-step plan for 7 days straight.
By the end of the week, he’d made $1,000 from Instagram.
By the end of the month, he’d made $5,000.
Five months later, Wayne was banking $15,000 every single month.
And by the end of the year?

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