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Britt Malka – The Lord Of The Emails Download


Do you want more eyeballs on your promotions, but you’re too busy to do the work?


“​Automatically – or Semi-Automatically – Share Your Promotions on 18+ Sites with Millions of Users”

​Do you have an email list?


Do you send out emails, frequently, but even though you’ve heard that you can use this email on several other platforms, gaining access to new potential customers, you simply don’t have the time or energy to share them there?


I’m with you.


I know marketers who told me to try to share my emails on Facebook for great results.


And I did – from time to time. When I remembered it.


But one short phrase kept nagging me at the back of my neck. A well-known marketer wrote about: >> ​I autoblog all of my email marketing messages over at [link] <<


I kept thinking that I should not only do that, but also set up a system to share on other pages as well.


​Why Is Such a System Important?

​Because when you send out an email, 10 to 20% of your list will open it and read it.


If you share that email on YouTube, more people will see it.


When you share on Facebook, Tumblr, Medium, Twitter, you-name-it, then even more new people get the chance to discover what you have to share.


More people = More sales opportunities.


​But even though it sounds simple, doing all that work takes time.


First, you must write the email. You’ll do that anyway, but it takes time.


Then you should open up all the social media sites you’ll share to and share.


Then you have to make slides and create a video.


I don’t know about you, but those things NEVER happened for me. I never got around to doing more than an occasional share on Facebook.


So I wanted a system.


I wanted a system that was so easy that I would get the steps done.


​It Took Me Longer Than Expected

​Because I kept wanting more.


​I wanted a system that allowed me to:​


Write an email.​​​

Automatically post it to my blog.

Turn that blog post into a video – at least semi-automatically.

Share that post on as many social media platforms as possible – preferably completely automatic.

​I Found Ways to Do That

​Some of them were hard to set up.


Too hard.


I had already spent hours on them, but gave up.


Others worked smoothly.


I wanted it to be free to maintain that system at least as a semi-automatic system for some of the parts (one click to make a video – one click to share on social media sites).


​​I Wrote Down the Steps I Took

​So that others can profit as well, now that I’ve found the system.

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