[SUPER HOT SHARE] Bram Kanstein – No Code MVP Download

Bram Kanstein – No Code MVP Download

The fast and cost-effective way to build and validate your startup ideas, without any code.

Learn the mindset, process and tools to rapidly turn your idea into a first product you can test with real customers, all without knowing or learning how to code.

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“Bram, I have to say… WELL DONE!! I loved your videos and couldn’t get enough of it! Well worth the price. Thanks so much for putting this together. Following your guides and validation steps is a huge time-saver. I’m inspired and ready to start my next MVP!”
Michael Gill – Dev & Entrepreneur

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“No-Code MVP should be a pre-requisite for anyone interested in launching an entrepreneurial endeavor. It provides a fantastic framework for thinking about designing experiments, testing your assumptions, and iterating on your first product.”
Erik Berg – VC Investor

Got product ideas, but not sure how to get started?
No problem! This course will boost your idea validation skills with a practical framework to build Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), and teach you how to build and launch that first product yourself, without code.
After completing this course, you’ll never waste time on the wrong idea again.

The Lean Mindset

Learn how to start small and stay objective about your progress while keeping your big idea in mind.

Customer development

Understand that your potential customers and their problems are more important than (ideas for) solutions.

Define a Value Proposition

Turn your idea into a solid value proposition that can be used to design and launch your first MVP.

Your MVP Experiment setup

Define what you want to learn by means of your MVP and how to set it up using a proven framework.

No-Code tools

Get introduced to 9 easy to learn No-Code tools that you can use to build your own MVP without code.

Hands-on building guides

Step-by-step tutorial videos that teach you the setup, process and tools to build 6 different types of No-Code MVP’s.

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Who it’s for

This course is for anyone who’s looking for a hands-on and pragmatic approach to kickstart and validate new startup ideas:

Startup Entrepreneurs

Product Managers, Marketers and their teams

Corporate Innovators & Intrapreneurs

Innovation Managers & Directors

Small Business Owners


And yes, developers too!

This course includes

🔑 Immediate access to all the content
📖 Digital and printable worksheets
📝 Assignments to apply your new skills
🙌 A reading list with in every chapter
🛠 An introduction to 9 easy to learn no-code tools
🏗 Step-by-step building guides for 6 real-life No-Code MVP’s
✅ Actionable and personal feedback on your idea
♥️ A private student community
💡 5.5 hours of curated and practical knowledge
📼 42 proactive, easy-to-digest 5-20 minute videos
💰$500+ worth of software deals to start your journey

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